Use Our TradePending App to Sell Your Car at Market Value

Cox Chevy Inventory

Are you looking to trade-in your used car? Using our TradePending app at Cox Chevy, you’ll get your car valuation easily, and then you can sell your car then you can upgrade to a new car today. Tampa and Sarasota drivers will love this technology!

Why Sell or Trade Your Car to Cox Chevy?

By selling or trading your car in to Cox Chevy, you can be confident that you’re getting a great deal, then easily transition to purchasing a new car if you’re in the market.

How Does Our TradePending App Work?

The app is easily accessible from your smart phone and offers you current resale market value of your exact make and model including local sales. It’s easy to use so you can quickly download information rather than sorting through Google searches. You can then compare local sales with our offer so you can see what a great deal you’re getting.

How Can You Prepare for the Negotiation Process?

Coming in with a price range to expect for your used car will help you compare the car valuation that we give you, so that we can look at the numbers together and ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

What Criterion Will We Consider When Evaluating the Worth of Your Car?

After the year, make, and model, we’ll do a detailed evaluation and composite your current mileage, interior and exterior wear and tear, maintenance records, tire condition, and more.

See What We Can Do For You at Cox Mazda

At Cox Chevy, we’ll help you sell your used car today. After you use your TradePending app and have your car valuation, selling your car will be simple. Come down to 2900 Cortez Road West in Bradenton, FL, close to Tampa and Sarasota. You can call us at 941-749-2690 or contact us online with any questions or to set up an appointment.