Value Your Trade-In

What is My Trade-in Worth?

One of the best ways for Sarasota drivers to raise a larger down payment for their next vehicle and negotiate for a lower interest rate is to trade in your old car for credit towards you next. If you’re looking to evaluate the price of your current used vehicle to see how much you can expect to discount the price of your new vehicle, use our value your trade tool to get an objective estimate of its market value. Even if you’re looking to value your used vehicle to receive cash, we’ll make sure you get a fair offer. Once you’ve valued your trade, get in touch with our service department to have them verify its condition.

Other Online Car Shopping Tools

Once you’ve used our value your trade tool to evaluate the market price of your used vehicle, you’ll want to decide if you’re going to choose credit or cash for the value of your used vehicle. If you’re using your credit for a new vehicle near Tampa, be sure to explore our online car shopping tools, which work to streamline the car shopping process:

  • New and Used Inventory: Once you know what your trade-in is worth, explore our new and used inventories and find some options that likely work for your budget.
  • Apply for Financing: Once you have some possible options, apply for financing to get an estimate of the interest rate for which you’re eligible.
  • Payment Calculator: Once you’ve evaluated the price of your current used vehicle, you have an estimate of what interest rate you’re eligible for, and you’ve picked out some options in our inventories, use our payment calculator to get a good estimate of how much you’ll pay each month for your next vehicle.
  • Contact Us to Book a Test Drive: Once you’ve got some options that fit neatly in your budget and meet the needs of your Palmetto commute, reach out to Cox Chevrolet in Bradenton to book a test drive!

Explore Our Car Buying Tips for Help!

Now that you’ve used our value your trade-in tool, and you know what your trade-in value is worth, take a moment to explore our other car buying tips for other informative reads, like our overview of the differences between leasing and financing! If you run into any issues while trying to evaluate the price of your used car trade-in, don’t hesitate to give Cox Chevrolet a call at 941-251-0310!