Tire FAQs: How to Care for Your Tires

January 30th, 2018 by

Checking Tire Tread

Next, to get your oil changed, tire care is among the most important forms of vehicle maintenance there is. Make sure that you’re rolling around the streets of Bradenton both safely and efficiently by following these tire care tips from Cox Chevrolet. Afterward, if you’re still feeling lost, don’t hesitate to visit our professional service center.

Q: How do I check my tire pressure?

Driving with under-inflated tires can cause major problems for your vehicle. On the performance end, you will have a hard time turning and braking with optimal precision, and your fuel economy will decrease as well. On top of all that, underinflated tires can cause excessive friction, causing your tires to wear down more quickly than they should and making them go out much sooner than they would otherwise.

On the sidewall of your tires, you’ll find their recommended PSI (usually between 30 and 35). Stop at a gas station with an air pump, and fill up the tires to the recommended air pressure. If you’re uncomfortable doing this on your own, the Cox Chevrolet service team will take care of your tire pressure check and inflate your tires for you the next time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change or other routine services.

Q: How do I check my tire tread?

Running on bald or low-tread tires is dangerous. In addition to the fact that your vehicle isn’t as responsive as it should be in terms of steering or braking, you’re also at risk of blowing a tire, which puts not only you but those around you at serious risk.

Luckily, checking your tire tread is pretty simple. While a tread-depth gauge is the ideal method of measuring tire tread, the old-fashioned “penny test” still works well. Here’s all you do:

  1. Turn the penny so Lincoln’s head is upside down.
  2. With Lincoln’s head now pointing into the tire, insert the penny between two treads.

If you can still see the top of Lincoln’s head, it means your tire tread is too low, and it’s likely time to get new tires.

Q: Why is it important to rotate my tires?

Tire rotations are an essential component of tire maintenance. As you drive your vehicle, your driving habits tend to wear down the tread on certain tires more quickly than others. When you get your tires rotated, this helps ensure that the tires wear down more evenly over time, which both improves the performance of your car and helps extend the life of the tires.

Tires can be a bit pricey, so in order to get as many miles out of them as possible, it’s important to take care of them. The easiest way to do that is to get tire rotations every several thousand miles or at the very least every other time you get an oil change. Since this is a procedure that involves special equipment, you’ll probably want to schedule an appointment to have this done when the time comes.

Q: How do I change a flat tire?

If you get a flat tire, you may be covered under the generous Chevrolet program, but if you aren’t covered, then you’ll need to know how to change a flat tire. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, make sure you find a safe spot off of the road that doesn’t put you at risk. Put your hazard lights on, and make sure the parking brake is activated.
  2. Get out of the car, and apply the wheel wedges, remove the hubcap, and loosen the lug nuts.
  3. Place the jack under the car, and raise the vehicle.
  4. At this point, you’ll need to unscrew the lug nuts so you can remove the flat tire.
  5. From here, mount the spare tire and tighten the lug nuts.
  6. Lower the vehicle partially and re-tighten the lug nuts before lowering the vehicle all the way.
  7. Replace the hubcap, put all your equipment away, and double check that the spare tire’s pressure is correct.

Afterward, you’ll want to get your vehicle to a maintenance shop to get a new tire put on as soon as possible. Important: Spare tires are only intended to be a temporary fix, and they’re not to be used when driving at high speeds!

Get Your Vehicle Serviced in Sarasota Today

While many of the procedures mentioned above can be handled by DIY enthusiasts with a bit of automotive know-how and ambition, most drivers will want to rely on experts who have the certifications, equipment, and expertise to ensure that job is done right. Schedule your next tire service for your vehicle here at Cox Chevrolet! While you’re at it, make sure you check out our current service specials in order to take advantage of any deals we’re currently running around Tampa> and Palmetto. Our dealership is located at 2900 CORTEZ ROAD WEST in Bradenton, FL, so stop on in or contact us today at .  

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