How Do Electric Car Charging Stations Work?

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Electric vehicles are becoming much more prevalent on Bradenton streets. They’re everywhere from rock concerts to the office parking lot. You are likely aware of the benefits of electric cars, such as green energy and savings at the gas pump, but do you know how electric car stations work? Here the team at Cox Chevrolet answers the question, “How do electric car stations work?” Contact us if you have questions or want to switch to a new electric vehicle! We’re here to help.

Electric Car Charging Station Types

When learning how electric car charging stations work, you’ll want to know the type of stations available on Sarasota streets and beyond. How long it takes to charge your EV depends on the type of charging station you use. Level 1 charging stations are almost exclusively used at home because they use a traditional electrical outlet and you only get a few miles of range for each hour of charging. That means it can take up to 24 hours to charge your EV fully.

Another type of EV home charging is Level 2, which usually provides a full charge overnight. However, if you just need to top off the electricity you used on your Tampa commute, most EVs can achieve between 60 and 120 miles of charge in only about 45 minutes with level 2 charging.

The final type of EV charging is DC Fast Charging, which is at public charging stations. In most cases, you can achieve 200-300 miles of charge in around 30-45 minutes. DC Fast Charging stations are at grocery stores, shopping malls, and big box stores around the country. 

Types of Electric Car Charging Ports

There are several different EV charging ports for charging, and they differ depending on which model you drive and whether you’re using level 2 or DC Fast Chargers. Level 2 EV chargers are all the same after the model year 2000. They typically all use J1772 charging ports. DC Fast Chargers are different, especially for Tesla drivers.

If you don’t drive a Tesla, you’ll have the CCS (combined charging system, also known as SAE Combo or just Combo) or a CHAdeMO plug. Most DC Fast Chargers accommodate the two most common ones, but a Tesla requires you to find a proprietary Tesla charger.

The Cost To Use Electric Car Charging Stations

Are you wondering about the cost to use electric car charging stations? It’s generally cheaper to charge your EV at home. You’ll pay your regular kilowatt-per-hour cost when you charge your electric car at your home in Palmetto. Some DC Fast Charging stations are free with specific models but typically only for a limited time. You’ll likely have access to an app integrated with your vehicle that will direct you to these charging stations.

Charging costs differ between Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers. Level 2 is cheaper and usually costs between $15 and $25 to charge an average car fully. DC Fast Chargers are more expensive and generally cost between $30 and $45 to get a complete charge. Charging during peak times and days will typically cost more.

Find Your New EV with the Team at Cox Chevrolet

Now that we’ve answered the question, “How do electric car charging stations work?” trust Cox Chevrolet for all your electric vehicle needs. From how to prepare your home for an EV to choosing the right EV for your Bradenton lifestyle, we’re here for you! Contact us today to get started, and browse our new vehicle specials for opportunities to save money on an electric vehicle from Chevrolet! 


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