2021 Chevy Traverse Gas Mileage

July 22nd, 2021 by

2021 Chevy Traverse EXT driving at night
With seating configurations for seven and eight Sarasota passengers, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Traverse is a gas hog, but thanks to some design revelations, the Chevy Traverse MPG is surprisingly high. Take a moment to review 2021 Chevy Traverse engine specs and fuel economy. Then, fill out a pre-approval and contact Cox Chevrolet to book a test drive in Bradenton!

2021 Chevy Traverse MPG: AWD vs. FWD

The 2021 Chevy Traverse gas mileage varies depending upon whether you opt for its front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configuration. Take a moment to see the specific fuel economy numbers for both drivetrains below:

  • 2021 Chevy Traverse with AWD: EPA-estimated 17 mpg/city and 25 mpg/highway
  • 2021 Chevy Traverse with FWD: EPA-estimated18 mpg/city and 27 mpg/highway

You’ll notice that there’s not a drastic difference between either drivetrain, meaning that upgrading to AWD doesn’t require much of a sacrifice at Tampa gas stations.

Chevy Traverse Standard Engine

The 2021 Chevy Traverse keeps things simply by offering you one impressive engine option across all of its trims. Despite the admirable Chevy Traverse gas mileage, this SUV manages some downright impressive engine specs:

  • 3.6L V6 standard engine
  • 310 hp
  • 266 lb-ft of torque
  • 5,000-pound maximum towing capacity
  • Smooth-shifting 9-speed automatic transmission
  • Standard Automatic Start/Stop technology for increased efficiency

So how does the Traverse achieve this power with such high fuel economy? You can thank an especially dynamic 9-speed transmission, Start/Stop technology that turns your engine off while idling to conserve fuel, and a drive-mode selector that allows you to adapt your engine output to the Palmetto terrain on which you drive!

Experience the Chevy Traverse MPG and Performance in Action!

Now that you’re better acquainted with the impressive Chevy Traverse gas mileage and its powerful performance, call Cox Chevrolet at (941) 251-0310 to book a test drive near Bradenton. We’ll walk you through all of the 2021 Chevy Traverse trim levels and breakdown all of this SUV’s other highlights. In the meantime, explore our Chevrolet research guides for informative reads about Chevy Wi-Fi capabilities and more!


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