Used Chevrolet Volt

Cox Chevy is Tampa’s Source for Used Chevrolet Volt Models

Used Chevy VoltIf you’re looking for a fuel-efficient car near Bradenton or Tampa, have you looked around for a used Chevy Volt yet? As your Tampa area Chevy dealer, you know that we’re where you go for a new Volt, but we also are proud to make this plug-in hybrid available to drivers who are looking for pre-owned vehicles as well.

The Volt hasn’t been out long yet, but we’ve got a little bit of information on what you can expect if you want to find one in our used car inventory.

The First Generation Volt (2011 – Present)

Although still a young car, the Volt has made a pretty great impression on many drivers. Despite that, people like to upgrade their cars pretty regularly these days, and we occasionally get a Volt in our used vehicle inventory.

One of the most appealing parts about the Volt is its plug-in hybrid design. Like a normal hybrid, it runs on gasoline and battery power, taking advantage of technology like regenerative braking and switching off the gasoline part of the engine while idling to conserve fuel.

What sets it apart is the “plug-in” part. You can charge the Volt to get some all-electric driving out of it—or just help boost your fuel efficiency in hybrid mode. This four-seat hatchback has an electric-only range of as much as 40 miles! If you’ve got a short commute, you could cut gasoline out of your budget entirely.

The Volt is well-equipped too. The standard model for the very first 2011 Volt came with navigation built in, right alongside a Bose sound system. These amenities, normally reserved for high trim levels or luxury grade vehicles, felt right at home in this next-gen car.

Ask Us About a Used Chevy Volt Today

If you’re looking for a pre-owned Volt, you’re going to want to act fast. They are in high demand among Tampa and Bradenton drivers, and they don’t stick around long when we get them in stock.

Contact our sales experts today and let us know that you’re looking for a used Chevy Volt. We may just have one waiting for you right now!