Hybrid Car Battery Replacement

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Do you own a hybrid vehicle? Maybe you’re just starting your research for a new or pre-owned Sarasota commuter hybrid? Whatever the reason, you’re likely concerned about the hybrid battery replacement cost and lifespan. There’s no need for concern, but before looking into hybrid battery replacements, make sure that your new or potential new vehicle is still under warranty. Any new hybrid has an extensive battery warranty that lasts for years, regardless of manufacturer. 

If your vehicle is out of its warranty period, you’ll be glad to know that hybrid car batteries actually last a lot longer than you might expect. Learn more about hybrid battery replacements with the service experts today at Cox Chevrolet!

How Often Do I Need a Hybrid Battery Replacement?

You don’t need to worry about hybrid battery replacement costs too soon, you’ll find that hybrid batteries are actually very dependable. Some drivers have reported not needing a hybrid car battery replacement for 15 years and going over 150,000 miles without a major issue. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but you can expect your car battery to last a long time. You’ll also be able to trust that your hybrid vehicle can tackle Tampa adventures without any significant problems. As long as you keep up with your regular maintenance and ensure that the hybrid vehicle you’re purchasing has a complete service history, you should be set.

Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost

Once you’ve found out you need a hybrid battery replacement, you’ll be asking about the costs. Hybrid car battery replacement costs can range anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000. There can be some variety depending on your specific model and even the service center you decide to go to around Palmetto. If you are curious about the specifics of your make and model, you can chat with our service team at Cox Chevrolet. Meanwhile, explore some other information about your battery:

  • Extreme temperatures could affect your battery’s lifespan.
  • Most hybrid vehicles have a warning system if it detects something abnormal. If you notice any warning lights in your hybrid, schedule service today!
  • Sometimes a hybrid system will malfunction, but that doesn’t always mean your hybrid battery needs replacement. It could be other components of your hybrid vehicle that might require attention.

Come to Cox Chevrolet For Your Automotive Needs!

Whether it’s time to upgrade your Bradenton drives to a hybrid vehicle or you just need advice on taking care of your vehicle, Cox Chevrolet is here to help. Whatever your needs are, you can turn to us for assistance! If you have any further questions or concerns you’d like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch today by calling (941) 538-7407. You can also explore our service tips for other helpful guides, including our overview of how many miles tires last


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