High Value Auto Service

Taking your car to the shop for repairs is one of the most frustrating parts of being a car owner; you never know what is wrong or how much it is going to cost. Come to Cox Chevy to experience auto service that is both high quality and cost effective. We’re one of the best Chevy dealers in the Palmetto area and our service department lives up to your expectations.

Services Offered

Cox Chevy will repair any damage on your vehicle or perform any necessary upkeep and maintenance. We will rotate tires, change brakes, tune-up your car, perform any number of services. However, our range of services doesn’t end at repair. We can also provide help with ordering parts, insurance estimates, and even recall checks.

Ordering Parts

Part ordering is a service we offer to DIY repairmen interested in performing their own repairs. We order the parts and have them delivered to our shop to save you the hassle of ordering yourself. You can stop by the shop to or use our easy to understand online parts form and fill it out to get only the parts you want at a price that’s fair for you.

Insurance Estimation and Recall Checks

Insurance estimation is a service we offer for people interested in saving money. We will estimate how much your insurance will cover based on the year of your car, the service provided, and other important options. Our excellent, factory trained servicemen have years of experience working with insurance companies and will save you money. We can also perform recall checks to see whether any part of your vehicle is currently being recalled. This helpful option saves you the hassle of researching for recalls yourself.

Hours and Contact Information

Cox Auto Chevy’s service center is open 7:00 am to 5:30 pm on Monday through Friday and on Saturday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Scheduling an appointment is a snap: simply call us at 941-749-2626, tell us your problem and your schedule, and we’ll fit you in. You can also use our online appointment scheduling service to eliminate the hassle of calling. It’s our attention to details such as these that makes us one of the best service shops around.