What Is Chevrolet MyLink?

October 4th, 2017 by

Chevy Dashboard

In-car technology has advanced incredibly fast in recent years, and staying connected while cruising around Tampa has never been easier, especially with systems like Chevrolet MyLink in the mix. From making phone calls and receiving text messages to changing songs, Chevrolet MyLink keeps you entertained and in the know – all without the need to fidget with your cell phone while driving. So, what is Chevrolet MyLink? Cox Chevrolet provides more details.

Integrate Your Phone

First and foremost, Chevrolet MyLink integrates your smartphone and its features to the system’s display screen. With the likes of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the in-dash touchscreen will display your apps just as they appear on your phone, making it quite simple to access maps, music, messages, and more. All you must do is tap the screen to make your selection, which is much safer than distracting yourself with the phone itself. And you can even customize your Chevrolet MyLink to incorporate only the apps you want.

Enjoy Entertainment Features

You’ll enjoy all your favorite forms of entertainment with the Chevrolet MyLink system. Browse through the various Sirius XM Satellite Radio channels available via the touchscreen display, or listen to your personalized radio stations with the Pandora mobile app thanks to smartphone app integration. Likewise, download the Stitcher mobile app on your device to access more than 65,000 radio shows and podcasts to be streamed on demand in your car. These entertainment options and more are available to you right at your fingertips because of Chevrolet MyLink.

Keep Drivers Safe

Chevrolet MyLink even works to keep drivers safe, specifically with Teen Driver functionality. All you must do is enter a PIN to the available Chevrolet MyLink display, and various features become available to you, including:

  • Muting the stereo when those in the front seat aren’t wearing seatbelts

  • Disseminating audio and visual warnings when the car is going over preset speeds

  • Setting volume limits

  • Providing in-vehicle report cards about use of safety features

Access Chevrolet MyLink in New Cars from Cox Chevrolet

This isn’t all that Chevrolet MyLink can do for you. You can find out more when you browse the new Chevrolet lineup at Cox Chevrolet, and ask one of our associates to take you out for a spin. All you must do is contact our team to plan your visit.

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