Get a Guaranteed Certified Pre-owned Car at Cox Chevrolet

September 18th, 2012 by

buying a used vehicleCox Chevrolet is a used car dealer in Bradenton that doesn’t sell anything that we can’t stand behind whole heartedly. We know that dependability and trust are what our business has been built on for nearly the last hundred years.  Our customers know they can trust our workmanship and our products unconditionally.

Each one of the certified pre-owned Chevys in Bradenton we sell is run through a rigorous inspection to make sure everything is flawless and in optimal functioning order. Our technicians know what to look for in a trade-in when it comes in and they use a 172-Point Vehicle Inspection and reconditioning process that’s required for each car to receive the certified stamp of approval.

History of the Vehicle

We do not accept vehicles older than 2007 or vehicles that have over 75,000 miles.  All vehicles must also have a vehicle history report that can tell us if the title has been branded with wrecked or salvaged, if there are any open recalls on the vehicle or any of its parts, and if it has any history of accidents. This helps us determine what kind of flaws the vehicle may have, so that we aren’t burdening you with an unexpected problem down the road. We also check for any trouble codes in the vehicles electronics and computer systems.

172-Point Vehicle Inspection

Before any vehicle can be certified it receives a round of maintenance. These things include changing the oil and filter, inspecting the air filter, any hoses, belts, and clamps, as well as wiper blades and the battery. We also make sure that the car has the correct level of power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield fluid, engine coolant, and brake fluid. Every part is looked at and fixed if it’s not in working order

Find Quality Used Cars at Our Dealership

Cox Chevrolet stands behind our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and so does Chevy. Every certified pre-owned Chevy comes with two warranties, a service package, and a three-day test period where you can take it back if there are any problems. It’s basically like getting a new vehicle at a low price. Let us know if you have questions and come down to the showroom soon to find the used car that’s right for you!